Internet is an important and ubiquitous social, economic, political, cultural, educational, and communication platform for societies worldwide. Legal, political, and social issues are increasingly being decided in internet policy discussions. These discussions and policy decisions have a major impact on young people and are often made without their involvement or consideration despite them being the largest demographic of internet users. According to sources, around 67 percent of the internet user base will comprise of internet users under the age of 35 years by 2020. The program is designed to engage youth in policy and advocacy discussions Including technical advocacy with the goal of encouraging and involving them in a substantive discussion on Internet governance. Although it has close to 500 million Internet users, of whom the vast majority are under 35 years of age, India does not have a Youth IGF or national IGF at this time. It is in this context that a Youth IGF is being planned in India, as the first step towards engaging youth to mobile around Internet Governance.


The vision of our project is to raise the awareness of youth on internet governance and encourage young generations to participate in public policy discussion and eventually building a new cadre of Internet leaders who are motivated to learn, engage and act within their region and beyond. 


  1. Improve young people’s understanding of global and regional internet policies.
  2. Provide a platform for young people to raise and discuss policy that affect them.
  3. Help develop practical advocacy skills for youth for engagement in IG related policy discussions.
  4. Guide them to the right opportunities available to take deep dive into IG discussions.
  5. Enable the youth to understand the intersection between technology and policy, in order to promote more informed policy making, and technology development in the future.