Day 1: 30th October 2020

TimeSessionSession Format Session DetailsSpeakerDuration
17:30WelcomeWelcomeIntroduction to Youth IGF India’s mission and  objectives. Expectation form participants.Ihita Gangavarapu, Youth IGF India Team
18:00 hrsInaugural KeynoteKeynoteInternet Governance Ecosystem. IGF,  the importance of youth engagement in IG and Youth IGFsMs. Anja Gengo, NRI Initiative coordinator,United Nations Internet Governance Forum15 min
18:15 hrs Internet Governance 101Classroom + Q/AInternet Governance – Introduction, History and DevelopmentDr. Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Chair, UK Chapter of Internet Society (ISOC) & Past Chair, ALAC, ICANN40 min
18:55 hrs – 19:05 hrs ISTBreakBreakBreakBreak10 min
19:05 hrsHow does the Internet work?Interactive ClassroomUnderstanding the core Internet infrastructure and its functioningMr. Srinivas(Sunny) Chendi, Senior Advisor – Policy and Community Development/South Asia Liaison Officer, APNIC35 min
19:40 hrsInternet:
Pre & Post pandemic
Interactive ClassroomEffect of pandemic on the internet?Do we need to change the way of governance of the internet in the future?What are the  lessons learnt?Mr. Glenn McKnight, Co-Founder, ISOC Canada
Dr. Govind, Former CEO, NIXI & Vice-President, APSIG
35 min
20:15 hrsDay 1 ConclusionConclusionConclusionYouth IGF Team5min

Day 2: 31st october 2020

TimeSession FormatDescriptionSpeakerTime
11:00 hrsKeynote AddressKeynoteTheme: Data and TrustShri. Lt. Gen. Dr. Rajesh Pant, National Cybersecurity Coordinator, Govt of India20 min
11:20 hrs Emerging Technologies and challengesInteractive ClassroomUnderstanding the Emerging Technologies such as AI, IoT, DLT and the challengesMr. Satish Babu, Chair, ICANN APRALO & President, APSIG50 min
12:10 hrsThe Data CycleGroup ActivityUnderstanding the lifecycle of data through a group activityYouth IGF Team30 min
12:40 hrsData Governance and EthicsPanelPanelModerator: Prof (Dr) Athira P. S. ( Director (i/c) Centre for Intellectual Property Rights, NUALS, Kochi)
Panelists:Shri. Rama Vedashree, (CEO, Data Security Council of India)
 Shri. Rakesh Maheshwari, (Scientist G and Group Coordinator, MEITY)  Mr. Nikhil Pahwa, (Founder, Medianama)
45min + 10min Q/A
13:35 hrs – 14:30 hrs ISTBREAKBREAKBREAKBREAK55min
14:30 hrsDark Web: DemystifiedClassroom What is the Dark Web?How is it different? Facts and Myths about Dark WebMr. Rahul Sasi (Founder, CloudSEK)30min
15:00 hrsSecurity and Privacy in the Digital SpherePanelPanelModerator: Mr.Samiran Gupta(Head of India at ICANN)

Panelists: Dr. Gulshan Rai (Distinguished Fellow, ORF)
Dr. Sriram Birudavolu(CEO – Cyber Security Centre of Excellence DSCI)
Prof. Dr. Sandeep Kumar Shukla ( Head of Computer Science and Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India)
45 min + 10 min (Q&A)
15:55 hrsOnline safeguards ClassroomAwareness session for the youth on staying safe onlineShri. SK BhallaSr.DDG-NTIPRIT40 min
16:35 hrsDay 2 ConclucionConclusionConclusionYouth IGF Team10 min

Day 3: 1st November 2020

TimeSession FormatDescriptionSpeakerTime
10:20 hrsWelcomeWelcomeDay 2 IntroductionYouth IGF India Team10 min
10:30 hrsKeynote Day 3KeynoteTheme: EnvironmentDr. Thomas Lindhqvist, Senior Lecturer, LUND university, Sweden20 min
10:50 hrsICT and Environment SustainabilityClassroomHow is ICT affecting the environment and can ICT solutions be used for environmental sustainability? Mr. Raj Bhagat( World Resource Institute,  India )

Ms. Monmi Barua(Associate Fellow at The Energy and Resources Institute)
55 min
11:45 hrsInternet For All: Strengthening literacy, inclusion and diversityPanelPanelModerator: Ms. Amrita Choudhury( Director of CCAOI and president of Internet Society Delhi Chapter)
60 min
12:45 hrs – 15:15 hrs ISTBREAKBREAKBREAKBREAKBREAK (2 hrs 30 min)
Fellows’ SessionClosed Room session, Youth IGF India 2020 FellowsFellows’ sessionFellows’ session40 min
Censorship and Right to ExpressionMulti-stakeholder Role playPolicy recommendations on problem statement based on Censorship and Right to ExpressionYouth IGF India Team50 min
15:15 hrsPsychologically hackedClassroomImplications of Internet on the youth, focusing on the mental health of end usersMs. Pragya Lodha( Clinical Psychologist, Mumbai)40 min
15:55 hrsYouth Engagement in Internet GovernancePanelModerator:Ms. Ihita Gangavarapu( Youth IGF India Team )
Panel: Ms.Noha Ashraf Abdel Baky(Youth Coalition on Internet Governance),
 Mr. Adisa Bolutife(President, Youth Special Interest Group), 
Ms. Sukhmani Grover(Director, Citizen Engagement, Young Leaders for Active Citizenship) 
40 min
16:35 hrs – 17:00 hrsDay 3 ConclusionConclusion & Vote of ThanksConclusionYIGF Team25 min