Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

 Youth IGF India 2023 Fellowship 

1. What is YIGF India? 

Youth IGF is a platform created by young people to involve youth in thought leadership in Internet governance. The idea is to encourage and empower them to engage in technological developments and public policy discussions. We bring together decision-makers, digital leaders, and inspiring youth to amplify the voice of the youth in building the future of the internet.

2. Why should I apply for the Fellowship? 

The Fellowship is designed to provide targeted mentorship for someone interested in or with experience working in any of the verticals of Internet Governance, such as data, trust, inclusion, and environment, among other things, and who wants to explore it with reference to real-world implications. 

3. What are the benefits of participating in this Fellowship? 

i. Opportunity to interact and collaborate with thought leaders and IG domain experts from the technology and policy space. 

ii. Opportunity for peer networking 

iii. After the successful completion of the Fellowship program within the deadline, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. 

iv. Depending on your interest and eligibility, you could win an opportunity to work with national and international stakeholders who are actively involved in contributing to Internet Governance and related spaces. 

v. Be a part of the Youth IGF India fellow’s community. 

vi. Opportunity to publish your article on our website post successful completion of your Fellowship. 

vii. Subjective to your performance as a fellow, you may be considered as a participant/fellow for the India School on Internet Governance (InSIG) 2023 edition

4. What is the exact duration of the Fellowship? 

The fellowship comprises of two aspects: Mentorship sessions and the annual forum. The first phase of the mentorship session will start from 1st August-28th September 2023. The second phase will take place after the annual forum from 14th October 2023 to 31st October 2023.

5. What will my fellowship/work week look like? 

Your week will require a maximum of 4-5 hours. It will consist of collaborative workshops and different interactive sessions with eminent stakeholders. There will be follow up activities scheduled post each session. Proactive participation will be appreciated. 

6. Can I attend the annual online? 

No, in-person presence at the Youth IGF India annual forum is mandatory for all selected fellows. The forum will take place in IIT Guwahati on 28th September 2023. This is also a mandatory requirement for successful completion of your Fellowship. 

7. Will accommodation and travel support be provided during the annual forum event in Guwahati? 

Yes, accommodation and travel support will be provided to the selected fellows** based on their performance in the first phase of the fellowship. The expenses of accommodation will be borne by Youth IGF India. The accommodation shall be provided only for the night of 27th September. The amount reimbursed as part of the travel support is ascertained on a case-to-case basis and with a upper cap of INR 10,000. Food will be provided during the forum. 

**Local fellows from Guwahati will be selected through a separate local process after ascertaining the number of seats available. Accommodation will be provided on a case-to-case basis.

8. If I get selected, is there a scope for me to attend the Annual forum online via platforms? 

No, you can’t attend the forum online or via live-streaming. It is a pre-requisite for the fellows to attend the conference at the venue. 

9. I want to stay for a day or two after the event. Is there an option for me to extend the stay? 

You can extend the stay by bearing the charges on your own. Youth IGF India shall not be responsible for arranging accommodation facilities to the fellows after the end of the conference. 

10. I currently live in Guwahati. Will I receive local travel support within Guwahati? 

Local fellows who are currently staying in Guwahati are not eligible to receive any travel support. However, we may consider on a case-to-case basis in an unavoidable situation.

11. Will there be some sort of monetary benefit associated with the Fellowship program? Is there a provision for stipend if I get selected? 

No, apart from the accommodation and conditional travel support there will be no provision for stipend. 

12. Will I get reimbursement for data recharges for the online training sessions? 

No, unfortunately we won’t be able to provide internet/data support.