Code of Conduct

The Youth IGF India (yIGF India) Code of Conduct has been created to further the vision and mission of organizing yIGF India, and will be maintained as a living document. This Code of Conduct is applicable to the participants, organizers, speakers, suppliers, and any other person or group associated with yIGF India. The Code of Conduct outlines a set of principles to be followed for keeping up the values of learning, respect for each other, respect for diversity of various kinds, and enhancement of professional lives.

Applicability of the Code of Conduct:

  • All engaged with yIGF India are expected to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct at all times including at the yIGF India meeting places, residences, and in any public areas associated with yIGF India
  • Local laws would be applicable to during the duration of yIGF India on all participants. For international participants, local laws will prevail during their stay in India, in addition to laws that are already applicable to visiting foreign nationals such as visa-related laws.

According to this Code of Conduct,

  • Participants are expected to act professionally and ethically at all times
  • Participants will refrain from making any comments or engage in any actions that do not uphold diversity of gender, caste, creed, belief, age or sexual orientation, or has covert or overt sexual connotations, during the yIGF India meetings.
  • Participants will work and act to build consensus and act based on such consensus during the meetings.
  • Participants will respect the right to be heard and will allow the space to others to articulate their thoughts during the yIGF India meetings.
  • Participants will respect the privacy of other participants in the use of data, text, images, videos and other material collected at yIGF India meetings

In case anyone associated with yIGF India feels that the Code of Conduct has been violated, it will be brought to the notice of yIGF Multistakeholder Steering Group. They will then form a two-member committee to look into the facts presented and to suggest a course of action to the MSG.